Who we are

A brief introduction

We are Pascal de Theije and Sabine Weites from The Netherlands. We met in 2009. We started our own company in 2012, Floo – fit-health-fun (www.floo.nu). We love helping people develop a healthier lifestyle.

Both of us are passionate about healthy living:

  • eating healthily and responsibly while indulging yourself occasionally
  • maintaining a well-balanced routine of outdoor workouts and recovery time
  • reducing stress
  • taking regular holidays, but most of all
  • enjoying and appreciating the little things in life
Pascal & Sabine in een locaal restaurant

Pascal (1970) is a sports teacher specialized in outdoor bootcamp classes and High Intensity training sessions. Pascal also takes care of our company’s PR, website and administration.

Sabine (1969) is an orthomolecular doctor as well as a sports teacher and a certified running coach at a local athletics club. She runs her own practice within Floo (www.sabineweites.nl), coaching people with specific health issues on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. She deploys various tests (blood, urine, faeces) and prescribes natural supplements.

Why emigrate? Why Fuerteventura?

Early in 2019 we will emigrate to finally start doing what we really love to do: making sure our guests have the best of times in our beautiful villa with its quiet surroundings, far away from tourists. Introducing our guests to the real Fuerteventura. Support them in their sports activities, while also helping them relax in our yoga room and our heated pool.

Most of all, we want to lead a healthy life in Fuerteventura’s subtropical climate, away from the hustle and pressure of today’s society. Our current jobs in The Netherlands require us to spend a lot of time sitting … We don’t like this and it definitely isn’t part of a healthy lifestyle.

Pascal Sabine

Sabine lived and worked abroad before. She has always wanted to do that again. When we first met 10 years ago we decided we wanted to emigrate together one day. Only we didn’t know when, where and how …. Since then we’ve figured it all out!

Fuerteventura is a very beautiful island, even more so off the beaten track. It lends itself perfectly to active holidays as well as relaxing retreats. It has a very pleasant climate – not too hot in summer (about 28°C) and comfortable temperatures in winter (about 20°C).

Our holiday accommodation in Fuerteventura is not our first-time venture into organising vacations for active travellers with an interest in healthy living. We have organised similar holidays before – in Sauerland, Germany, and in northern Portugal. These experiences have taught us that organising healthy-living holidays really is our cup of tea. Making our guests feel good is what makes us tick!

Sabine will be 50 in 2020. Pascal in 2021. Now is the time to make our dream come true. We are aware that life can be over before you know it …. There is no time like the present!

Villa Vital, our new home

Thanks to having visited Fuerteventura five times (!) in 2018, we have come to know the island pretty well by now. Fuerteventura is much more quiet than Lanzarote and has a lot more to offer. Away from the three big, more touristy places, there are huge areas of wild nature. Hikers will hardly encounter anyone on their walks. It’s this aspect of Fuerteventura – the peace and quiet – that we fell in love with on our very first visit. We will be more than happy to show you the most stunning spots of this lovely island – whether you are hiking, cycling or running!

Villa Vital zwembad / pool

Villa Vital, situated just outside a quiet village, enables us to put our passion for healthy living into practice. It is here that we can help our guests reach a perfect balance between being active and finding peace. Also, our accommodation is a perfect home base for our guests to explore the beautiful nature of this island.

We will make sure your holiday on Fuerteventura will be a memorable experience. This is our mission!

Hasta luego,

Pascal & Sabine

Prachtige tuin met cactussen

Customer reviews

“Pascal and Sabine are both very patient. That really made us feel comfortable. They are so hospitable and welcoming. You can ask them anything!”

“We loved your morning wake-up sessions!”

“I had a lovely holiday, full of pleasant surprises. It was my first time going on this type of holiday. I loved the combination of group sports activities and doing your own thing.”

I liked the variety, there were all sorts of things to do. And it was great having some time to myself and read a book.”

“Letting your body and mind come to rest … It certainly surpassed my expectations!”

“There was a perfect balance between activity and relaxation.”