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 “I’m not fit because I haven’t walked, cycled for a while, etc… “I hope to get my fitness back by moving more”. We often hear this when guests come to us for an active week. In the past, when we still lived in the Netherlands and asked why people came to train with us, we […]

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Do you regularly suffer from bloating? Perhaps constipation and other intestinal complaints as well? Then you are not the only one. It is estimated that more than half of the Dutch population has stomach and intestinal complaints. And it occurs twice as often in women. So it’s not at all crazy for you as a […]

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“I eat a lot of (hidden) sugar………” “I drink far too little water…….” “I thought I ate healthily and that my diet suited me…..” I used to hear these comments regularly from clients in my doctor’s office, even though they were convinced that they were eating healthily before counselling. However, they often found that this […]

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Permanently losing weight can be quite a struggle, especially when it doesn’t go according to plan. Sometimes you do ok, other times you only lose a few pounds and quite regularly you won’t lose a single gram. How is this possible?

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“How do you stay healthy, fit and slim? Do you work out a lot? Are you on a diet?” We were often asked these questions in the Netherlands and we are still asked them here in Fuerteventura.

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Losing weight can be quite difficult. The urge to eat sweet food can be so prevalent that you can’t resist it, no matter how hard you try. Often you think you must just lack willpower, or worse, others will tell you that you do … You feel guilty, frustrated and desperate when you keep going […]

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A subject that was never absent from my consultation room was my client’s relief pattern. It’s not an easy subject for client’s to approach, so they felt relieved when their bowel movements came up. When I asked what this looked like, I often got the answer “Oh, normal“. But what is normal?