What our guests say …

“My first flight to Fuerteventura without my husband. It was an exciting undertaking but to my feeling what I saw on Facebook was a hit. At the airport I am picked up by Pascal. At the beautiful and small holiday resort I get to know the other group members. A couple and for the rest all women. After 2 days of beautiful walks and delicious lunches our walks are shattered by the corona virus. We are well entertained by Pascal and Sabine by a.o. half an hour wake-up exercises in the morning, photo search and in the evening sports on different levels. The cooking of Sabine is great with lots of fresh meals.
Pascal and Sabine and the groupmates do everything they can to keep the atmosphere as optimal as possible. My stomach is a bit tense but this is lovingly taken care of by Pascal, Sabine and groupmates.
In the past I have used the Meer Mens method in my work. I think Pascal and Sabine are a couple that works on the Meer Mens method from the client’s point of view and applies this with and soul.
For me it’s a really nice active holiday resort on a small scale“.

“Discover Fuerteventura on foot with Villa Vital as a base … After the necessary stretching exercises and a healthy breakfast we were ready for it. Two days we were able to enjoy the beautiful views, the beach, the silence, the fish restaurants, the company. Then came corona … away were the walks. Thanks to the hospitality of Sabine and Pascal and the solidarity between the other participants, we were able to enjoy the B&B, the cooking skills of Sabine, the sports activities, the beautiful weather ….
I look forward to returning in better times.”

“Despite the Coronavirus, but thanks to the improvisation and efforts of Sabine and Pascal, it was a successful week. We walked less than hoped for, but there were extra lessons “stretching and relaxing”, the photo search, bootcamp and Sabine cooked delicious food for us (desserts were amazing). Thanks to Pascal everyone could go home. I look back on a special but pleasant week and will definitely come back again to see and walk more of the island”.

“I have been to Villa Vital in Fuerteventura and spent a fantastic, very relaxed week with excellent hosts. Pascal and Sabine were very hospitable, the villa was very clean and equipped with all the needs you need on a daily basis. Pascal organized my daily bike rides and Sabine made sure I had excellent dinners with excellent desserts. I would say they are excellent hosts. I highly recommend them.

“Unexpectedly planned a week away, to the sun! And what a great adventure it was with the nicest owners, guests, the most beautiful walks and the most fantastic Spanish restaurants. Every day we were pampered, surprised and taken care of! Every morning half an hour of yoga, a nice healthy breakfast, lovely walks and in the evening a delicious dinner with Sabine’s super desserts! In short, highly recommended! I enjoyed it to the fullest. Thanks a lot!

“Needed to take a break. I had been following Villa Vital on Facebook for a while and this became the choice. And in hindsight, the right choice. After arriving at the Villa, everything I was so busy with fell off my body and I got an instant holiday feeling. The villa, the hosts, the surroundings radiate a blissful tranquility. The morning stretching/yoga overlooking the rising sun over the mountains, a healthy breakfast on the terrace at the pool, beautiful walks in the fascinating nature, blissful lunch spots at locals, fascinating conversations with inspiring people, still time for a book at the pool, an apero followed by a delicious healthy dinner with always a nice dessert and on time in bed. Nothing to arrange or find out for yourself, being pampered at the table, letting the day come to you… What more could a person want… Gaining solar energy, recharging batteries and rebuilding resilience…we will definitely return!

“In the dark we arrived at the gate of Vita Vital in our rental car, without any problems thanks to the excellent directions. Immediately Pascal walked to the gate to open it. After that we were welcomed by Sabine. After looking at the beautiful, large room and bathroom, we were served a delicious plate of soup.

The next day we went out to explore on Pascal’s instructions. What turned out to be: the B&B is situated in the middle of the island. Far from the hustle and bustle along the east coast. The inland and the west coast are beautiful. Beautiful views and sunsets.

After having lunch somewhere on the island during the day, we enjoyed the salads of Sabine in the evening.

After an unfortunate fall we got all the support from Sabine and Pascal. We are still grateful to them for that.

For a quiet holiday in the middle of the nature of Fuerteventura this beautiful B&B is the place to be“.

“You’re clearly in the best place for biking on the road. And the round of Betancuria is indeed beautiful.”

“A week of training in January with temperatures of about 20 degrees! Seven days of cycling with “localo” Pascal as guide who knows how to find all the climbs. Breakfast and dinner at Villa Vital, lunch at nice spots along the way! We will definitely come back here!
Villa Vital is a good place to be!”

“Well I’m not long back from Villa Vital’s Cycle Package Week; Pascal & Sabine are wonderful hosts and the Villa is a relaxing and healthy place to stay. Sabine’s morning stretch yoga session are a perfect way to start the day; then Pascal’s led rides are relaxed (albeit plenty of km’s & m’s of ascent), enjoyable and very scenic. Then back for relaxing by the pool, the honesty bar and then Sabine’s wonderfully healthy cooking. It’s a great place to stay, you’ll back relaxed, fitter, healthier, more flexible and maybe slightly lighter……’Life is good’ Thank you both for your eel one and kind hospitality, I will be back…..not least for a grudge shuffle board match David White (UK)”

“I enjoyed Fuerteventura, both the surprising landscape and the stay at Pascal and Sabine. I rented a bike from them and was able to use their bicycle routes. The route to Betancuria was very special with a view of the mountains with the sea behind it. The route to the north was also very beautiful. With a steep climb up near Tetir you reach the top of the hills and imagine yourself on the moon, almost unreal.

Villa Vital is centrally located in the middle of the island. From here you can easily cycle to all sides of the island. The turret, which is separate from the villa, was my cottage during my holiday. Very cozy and private. Sabine and Pascal give you a personal hospitable feeling. I enjoyed the delicious food and especially the desserts, Sabine’s specialty. Thank you for the pleasant stay.”

“Ten days I could enjoy the sun, the wind, the walking, the food (especially the desserts) and the caring hospitality of Sabine and Pascal. The hiking package offers varied walks both in length and landscape. In between a delicious Spanish lunch on a terrace and at the end the tranquility at the heated swimming pool and a delicious meal provided by Sabine and Pascal. A great location to get away from it all and explore the diversity of Fuerteventura in an active way“.

“Just had a wonderful walking holiday, provided by Sabine and Pascal of Villa Vital (that rhymes :-). They will take you to places you would never go otherwise. The care is super. Good host and hostess who wants to make everyone happy and they succeed. On group level and on individual level. Next year I hope to come again. Who knows with the same friendly group. “

“The start of the day with making and keeping the body supple and then a delicious and healthy breakfast. Even though the group is diverse, Sabine and Pascal make sure that everyone gets their money’s worth during the walks. Because they start at different places you get to see a lot of the island. Everything takes place in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where customization is provided. Sabine and Pascal, I wish you good luck with your business and give many guests this wonderful stay!

“From 15 to 22 December I enjoyed a wonderful holiday at Villa Vital. Beautiful walks with beautiful views. Delicious food in the local restaurants at lunchtime.

And the dinner that Sabine and Pascal had served us was a surprise every day. So varied and healthy. What I also liked were the exercises of half an hour before breakfast. A good warming up for the walks. And the group was not that big so the mutual contact was very pleasant. So I had a wonderful holiday and tell my friends to do it for sure. And Sabine and Pascal thanks for the hospitality and thinking along with the guests.

Love Ineke”

“What a beautiful place in a beautiful landscape to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the Netherlands! A visit filled with walks over high hilltops, the strong wind around you, the warm sun on your body, the impressive fierce breaking of the waves on the coast, the immensely beautiful starry sky and the total silence! The cordiality, enthusiasm and interest of Sabine and Pascal gave a feeling of warm welcome and made the stay a special experience!”

“Had a fantastic walking holiday with the group of singles. Pascal and Sabine love nature and have mapped out very nice walks. In the afternoon lunch in a local restaurant and in the evening a healthy meal with dessert every day to lick your fingers. The rooms were well taken care of and the heated swimming pool was blissful. An ideal place to recharge your batteries“.

“A fantastic walking holiday at Villa Vital, a beautiful quiet location in the middle of the island of Fuerteventura with a heated pool. The day started with half an hour of exercises in the yoga room.

After an extensive breakfast buffet we went out to make beautiful walks at different locations on the island. In the afternoon we had lunch together. Some walks were spicy, but the view upstairs made it worthwhile. Other walks were less strenuous, were combined with a visit to a market, historic villages or the beach. In the evening a delicious dinner at Villa Vital.

Pascal and Sabine are cordial and hospitable, and do everything they can to make your week unforgettable. We will definitely come back !”

“For those looking for a beautiful, super-relaxed and centrally located place! Pascal and Sabine were very friendly, helpful and flexible. Tasty breakfast, also attention to healthy food and lifestyle. Also for birding an ideal place to explore all the hotspots”.

“What a fantastic time I had at Villa Vital. I was very warmly welcomed by Sabine and Pascal. Beautiful rooms and delicious meals and last but not least also blissful swimming. We made beautiful walks and also visited picturesque villages. I really enjoyed Villa Vital and its beautiful surroundings. Totally Toppp!!!!! Gr Marry”

“Very nice stay, nice room, good breakfast and dinner. Beautiful courtyard with swimming pool, great for resting. Ideal location as a base for racing bike rides on the super-quiet central part of the island. Lots of support by Sabine and Pascal for bike rentals and routes”.

“Very nice place to stay in the centre of the island. Friendly owners, great food. Very good support if you are visiting for cycling. (GPX routes etc)”

“Hiking in Fuerteventura… better guides than Sabine and Pascal you can’t wish for.
After a week I felt very relaxed and healthy. Villa Vital is centrally located on the island in a totally non-touristic environment.
I didn’t rent a car so I stayed “at home” in the evening where coffee, tea and fruit was always ready. The (organic) breakfast and dinner was delicious.
All in all a great address for people who like to stay in a small-scale accommodation with personal attention for the guest”.